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Hair Extension Lovers 

The Hair Extension Business is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry. Customers utilize this
service for several reasons. Some have thinning hair, others suffer from  chemically damaged hair, some want volume, length or color change without  damaging their natural hair, and all of these areas can easily be remedied.  It's not a dream anymore. Our complete dedication to women’s hair loss and our  training ability will make you feel completely at ease. We offer professional  and personal service; combined with today's most advanced technologies to give those  the latest trend setting styles designed specifically for anyone's needs.  

We train you on the proper consultation and how to approach a private  consultation for customers that do not want anyone seeing their hair service  being preformed.

Regardless of which style they choose, they will be able to live a complete lifestyle. No
more teasing, covering or masking their hair loss. No more avoiding situations
like swimming or close contact with their loved ones. You will be trained on
how to make them confident and help them fall in love with the look they always
dreamed they could have. So that they are able to STOP dreaming and start

If you want added hair strength, volume, body and length, choose the best hair extension system available. The Celebrity Fusion Weave is the only system patented (#4,934,387) that uses special Thermal molding adhesive (TMA) to secure the hair to your head. This means you will get a long lasting, non damaging comfortable attachment process. Our company offers the highest quality, most natural, realistic choice of colors and textures that can be blended to match the customer’s hair perfectly. You will be trained on which products are right for your customers. The celebrity fusion weave is extensively proven and tested, and is one of the most reliable hair extension systems available. It is only available through Professional Salons and it is recommended to practice this technique before doing on a customer because this
is a high-end service and a hefty service ticket (Unless you are on a model).  Now your customers can have added strength, volume, body, bounce and length. ONLY OFFERED AT QUALITY SALONS.
We offer hands on classes as well as Look n Learn sessions for all techniques. Fusion lasts for up to 6 months for certain hair textures. Extremely thin hair is not a good candidate for this system.

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This application methodology significantly reduces stress on your customers own hair, making it far less likely to fall out. In contrast, the weight and application procedure involved with the fusion extensions can actually pull growing thin hair out of the scalp for customers with this thin hair from radiation. Candidates for this system are chemo/cancer customers, pattern baldness, or alopecia. While at the consultation measurements are taken of your head and color selection is made and your custom integration unit will be ordered. Units usually last excellent for 1 year, if removed correctly. All special orders are required to leave a non-refundable deposit.  We have DVD’s for this technique.  Measuring, application and removal.


This is a weave that is sewn in, in ten minutes. Fast weaves are a revolutionary new hair weave design that takes only a fraction of the time to apply compared to
traditional sewn in weaves. It is made of a durable stretch mesh base, (so it's comfortable and flexible) and of the highest quality 100% human hair. The Fast
Weave can be worn while swimming, exercising, and even in the shower. It's simple to maintain and can be removed, washed and reapplied. Fast weaves comes
in two different designs (Full and Partial), and offered in several different textures, and a wide variety of mixed and blended colors. In the Extension Boot
Camp you will make a Fast Weave and you can take this class individually as well.



This technique the hair is braided in a small circular pattern and the hair is sewn roll for roll with a weaving needle attaching the hair extensions to the braid base until the whole head is full and as natural as your own hair density. This technique can be done full or partial or by the roll. Candidates for this system is chemically damaged hair, growing out of a hair cut or chemical, wanting to cut their hair (but not their natural hair) This trendy
weaving technique typically last 2 to 3 months.


This is a very temporary weave that is done with bonding adhesive. Their hair is molding with gel or diffused down and the hair extensions are applied over the top of your molded hair. This technique can be bonded by the roll as well. Water and oil typically loosens the adhesive. So if the customer washes their hair daily this would not be a good system for that customer, unless they want some fun hair for a weekend or special occasion. This can also be done full or partial. It can last for 2 to 6 weeks depending on how much they sweat in their head. And you will learn the questions to ask during the consultation. Candidates that work out may not consider this method. Those that want to pay a minimal amount or try extensions for the first time or want to temporary change their hair color would benefit from the quick weave method. All these systems should always be applied by a professional and removed by Professional. Major damage can occur if at home removal is done.


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Many celebrities in show biz frequently wear the lace front. It creates you an imaginary hairline and can be worn for a fashion statement, hair color change, or for someone that has to mask balding edges due to chemical damage, stress, old age, hair loss or alopecia. Advantages: You can be versatile when styling these hair extensions. No braid or tracks will ever show when pulled up into a ponytail. You can put a part wherever you desire. It creates an imaginary hairline for that person that may be suffering from hair loss. The lace is also guaranteed for 6 months - 1 Year, with proper care and maintenance. Consultations are required for a service like this.  DVD’s are available for this technique as well.  At the class you will be given a FREE consultation form to make copies and have your customer answer pertinent information that you need to consider while making a choice on what system is best for them.



This revolutionary system uses a newly-patented type of tape to bond the hair extension to the hair. This technique sandwiches your natural hair in between the 2 pieces of Que Tape Hair and lays really flat, which means they look and feel just like your own. Adhering them will not cause any damage to your hair, and they are easily applied without the use of tools, beads, clips, or chemicals. This technique is great for thin hair individuals and comes with 20 pieces which usually does a full head. The extensions are gently removed using our Que Tape bond remover. With the proper care, Que Tape extensions can last as long as other types of
extensions, about 3-6 months and can be used 4 or 5 times.